August 22, 2014

Flash Freebie Friday- Disney Infinity Power Ups

It's giveaway time again! 

Today I'm giving away three power ups for Disney Infinity- Phineas and Ferb Tri State Area Terrain, Wall E's Fire Extinguisher, and Violet's Force Field. Fill out the form and good luck!

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August 21, 2014

Thrifty Thursday-Pin Trading

Ooooh, Disney pin trading...

When you are planning your first trip to Disney World you are inundated with ideas and activities. I accepted early on we were not going to get to do everything. I decided on things I thought my family would most enjoy {Pirates League} and let the rest go by the way side {Characters In Flight}.

One thing I nixed was pin trading. It was overwhelming and I didn't think my kids would be into it. 

I. Was. Wrong.

While we were there XD was very intrigued by pin trading and decided to spend his souvenir money on a starter set and a club penguin mystery pin box {read a funny story about that here}. If you are unaware, know this- It can be expensive! There were a million pins he wanted, and we could have spent a million dollars on them. But alas, we are not made out of money so we didn't. I started researching once we got home and found that there is a much more economical way to do this pin trading thing. 

Before I get into my money saving ideas I want to share this sweet story. As I said before XD became very intrigued by pin trading. A cast member, Tonya, at Everything Pop Shopping {our resort gift shop} saw him looking at the pins and asked him if he needed any help. He told her he was looking at the Club Penguin pins. She happened to have one someone had just traded with her and GAVE IT TO XD. He didn't have anything to trade back {he hadn't bought his pins yet}, she just gave it to him. We talked for a while with Tonya about pin trading and asked her what she wanted to collect and she told us Tinkerbell. She said she didn't have any Tinkerbell pins because as soon as she got one a child would come along and want to trade with her for it. She never managed to get them home at the end of her shift because she wouldn't say no to a child.

While we were in Animal Kingdom we saw this pin and thought of Tonya.

We bought it and looked for Tonya when we got back to our resort that night. She wasn't there! Bummer! We had just missed her by minutes. We went the next morning and still no Tonya. We went again on our last day and still couldn't find her. We tried one last time after a long night in Magic Kingdom and low and behold she was there.

XD gave her the pin and told her to put it in her pocket so no one would ask to trade it and to think of him whenever she saw it. Of course she started tearing up and told us she had been with Disney for a little more than a month and had never had something like this happen. She was overjoyed that we thought of her. I was overjoyed that she gave XD a pin and talked to him for so long about whatever he wanted to talk about.

Its cast memebers like Tonya that make Disney World a magical place. Every time I see a Tinkerbell pin I think of her.

On to the rest of my post now. Here are my ideas for saving money on this super fun hobby:

Buy lanyards at home. 

They are much cheaper online than they are in the parks. Amazon has a good selection and they are reasonably priced. In the park they sell starter kits which include a lanyard and 4 or 5 pins to trade.


It will look something like that. Adorable, but $24.95. Multiply that by the number of kids {or adults} who want to start trading and that can add up!

 *Here's a tip*
The Easter Bunny brought Jr. pins and a lanyard this year for Easter. My problem was I couldn't find a lanyard with a tag that I liked. I went ahead and made a graphic on picmonkey and  printed it as a luggage tag through shutterfly. 

Buy pins at home.

Those suckers are expensive in the park.

I love this one, but it is $9.95 in the park. For one pin. It would be hard to build a collection based on park prices.

For a few special ones {like this one} it would be ok to pay full price. My opinion is to buy a bulk batch of pins on ebay or amazon. Disney Tourist Blog recommends using this seller on Amazon or this one on Ebay. They go for around $1.09 per pin. They are great gifts throughout the year. Perfect for stockings or Easter eggs. I have heard of other people giving them as payment for chores in the months leading up to your trip. You probably won't end up with my beloved grape soda pin in your batch, but you will have a great selection to keep and trade.

Figure out how to display them.

There are so many great ideas out there! Check out my pinterest board. I love this one:

Unfortunately I cant find the original owner of this picture. If you know it please let me know so I can give credit.
Right now my kids just have little bulletin boards for their pins. I'm sure as the collection grows we will come up with something way more awesome and creative.

Here are a few helpful links to get your pin trading addiction hobby going!

The Offical Disney Pin Trading Website: or at least I think its official. For all the money the Disney company makes they could really put a little more into their web presence.

How To Pin Trade: a fun little pdf of the rules of pin trading.

Pin Pics: a great website where you can trade at home. This site is an excellent resource to see what you have and the value of any given pin.

This isn't really a thrifty idea, but I would suggest using these:
Buy them here
They are locking backs for pins. XD lost one of his pins because the back slipped off. He was super bummed! Next time we will buy these for the ones he wants to keep on his lanyard.

Have fun trading!
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August 20, 2014

Whatever Wednesday- Disney Infinity

 Of course it's time for a new version of this game to come out. We just finished buying everything for the original.

Do you have any Disney Infinity fans in your house? Boy I do! My 2 guys are obsessed with this game. It actually helped us potty train Disney Jr. We used characters and power ups as rewards. As much as we love this game I was hoping to get a little more mileage out of it before a new version came out. But alas, pre-order for the new game has been announced and all of the characters for 2.0 have been released. Here are my thoughts on the new game.

August 19, 2014

Take With Tuesday- Water Bottle

"Mooooooom, I'm thiiiiirsty!"

Today's tip is to take along a water bottle. Specifically a Brita water bottle. Florida water has a certain {disgusting} taste, and this bottle filters it out. Yes you can get water free at any counter service restaurant, but to me its worth it to have my own bottle with me where ever I go.

We bought 2 bottles from from Amazon {19.41}
for Seth and I, then 2 Disney themed ones from Walmart for the kids {since these are a bit pricey}. I would fill my bottle from a water fountain, then squeeze the filtered water out of mine into theirs.

Well worth it.
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August 15, 2014

Flash Freebie Friday- Mickey and Minnie Prize Pack

Wudup Friday. Glad to see you.

Guess who is at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport waiting to board a plane?


I'm on my way to a wedding in Texas for a wedding sans-kids! First time ever leaving my little dudes. I may or may not have already downed a Long Island.

So on to another fun giveaway! This week I'm giving away a coloring set including a coloring book, crayons, Mickey stickers, and Minnie Mouse bubbles.

Fill out the entry form and I will randomly pick a winner on Monday morning!

Mickey and Minnie Prize Pack

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August 14, 2014

Thrifty Thursday- Dime Bank

Change is a good thing, right?

Did you know that if you fill a 2 liter bottle with dimes you will have approximately $600? I found this post on Lifehacker that will help you estimate you change without dumping it out and counting it all. That's helpful, right? I use cash mostly, so I end up with a lot of change. This will be a great way for my family to set money aside for our next Disney trip! 

If only there was a cute way to decorate it...

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August 13, 2014

Whatever Wednesday- 5 Fav Souvenirs from Walt Disney World

You spent all that money to get there, may as well buy something to remember it! 

Yes, souvenirs can be expensive. They are also so. much. fun to buy.  Go ahead and put the money in your budget and pick up something fun while you are in the park. Here are my top five favorite things to purchase {in no specific order}.

1. Hats

There are so many fun hats and headbands all over the parks. Its fun to get a new one each time you go. 

2. Dated Ornament


You are sure to enjoy taking this out and putting it on your tree year after year.

3. Pressed Pennies

These are a really fun, interactive souvenir. I'm pretty sure you could never collect them all either...

4. Photo Pass Pictures

Yep...that's a picture of a computer screen.

Overall, I didn't feel like I was missing much by not buying into Memory Maker before we left. There were however a few pictures that were adorable and I wish I had purchased them after we got home. I took a picture of my computer screen of two of them, but one I didn't and I kick myself for it! Disney XD did the Pirates League. After they finish putting the makeup on they take the new pirate to a special room and take a picture. I really wish I had that one, but its gone forever. 

5. Trading Pins

Wither you buy them before hand or in the park this is a GREAT souvenir.  XD had a great time trading pins in the park and it really started a collection. I buy bulk pins for little gifts throughout the year for him to save for our next visit. 

What's your favorite thing to pick out?

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