April 24, 2012

Patchy Camera Strap Slip Cover Tutorial

Hello Everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make one of these bad boys. I have wanted one since July of 2008 when the photographer at my cousins wedding had one. She was adorable, and her camera was adorable, and it was even more adorable when she told me her husband (who was shooting with her that night - and was also adorable) gave it to her for her birthday. I was so so jealous! Anyway, it took me a while to get around to making one, but I am so happy that I did. There are a few tutorials floating around pinterest, but I did this one on my own because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted.

Two things before we begin.

1.) This does require a sewing machine. You do not need a TON of sewing experience, but a little is necessary. It is a pretty quick project - I did it in an afternoon. Do you remember my Day In The Life blog post? That is the day I made it!

2.) I edited all of the photos from this blog entry in Picmonkey. It's a really great and FREE, online photo editing program. The text feature was a little hard to use (making sure it was the same size on each picture) and I found out that they will start charging a membership for some of the effects, but overall its worth using. Its super fast, and user friendly.

Step 1- First things first; grab your fabric. I wanted a very patchy look, so I used a lot of different scraps of fabric in all kinds patterns and colors. If you don't want such a patchy look, use two or three fabrics that coordinate (I made one like this too, there is a picture later on in the post). Make each piece about 4 inches long with varying widths. You don't want anything to look too exact.

Lay out your fabric in the pattern that you like. Pin each piece to its neighbor on the wrong side of the fabric. The picture above is what the right and wrong side of the fabric should look like when you are finished pinning. You will need to have two long strips (about 18in) of fabric pinned together.

 Step 2-Head to your sewing machine and sew the WRONG sides of the fabric together where you pinned.

After you sew your patches together you will have a long strip of patchy fabric that will make one side of your camera strap. Sew the other set of patches together to make the other side of your camera strap.

Step 3-Now you should have two long patchy strips of fabric. At this point trim the widths to make them all the same. Lay the RIGHT sides of your long strips together so the wrong side is facing up. Pin them together along the edge. Lay your camera strap on top of your fabric. With a pencil, outline the camera strap, adding 1/4 inch on both sides of the strap.

Here's a close-up for clarification.

Step 4 - Go back to your sewing machine and use your pencil marks as a sewing guide. When you're finished you'll have your inside-out camera strap.

Step 5- Trim as close to your stitches as you can; leaving very little excess fabric. The more excess fabric you have, the bulkier the end product will be. No one wants a bulky camera strap, right?

Attach a large safety pin to one end of your inside-out camera strap. Use the safety pin to turn it right-side-out by cinching it through the strap. By the way, it was surprisingly hard to photograph this step. Sorry, I did my best...

Step 6 - Now, this is MY camera strap that I'm not planning on selling or replacing anytime soon. The way I decided to finish it makes it fairly permanent. You will not be able to take it off without ruining it. If you would like to be able to change your strap, or sell the slip cover, there are alternate directions at the bottom.

My strap angles in at each end. I pinned the ends to follow the angles, and sewed them.

If you don't want such a permanent slip cover, you can do what I did here, and sew straight edges. Also, on this one I added a padded liner. I used plain white quilted fabric to make the liner. Go back to step 3 and use your trimmed strips as a pattern.  Cut two strips of the quilted fabric the same size. Sew the wrong sides (scratchy side of quilted fabric, and non-patterned side of strap fabric) together then proceed with remainder of step 3.

All done! I am so happy every time I take out my camera and see my pretty-pretty strap! How did yours turn out?


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